Eutaw - Historic Sites-3(jpeg)cWELCOME TO EUTAW, ALALAMA

Eutaw is the county seat of Greene County and was named in honor of the Battle of Eutaw Springs, the last engagement of the American Revolutionary War in the Carolinas.

Eutaw is one of few places in the South with a large number of its original antebellum homes. Its unique location, being almost surrounded by three rivers, saved it from destruction by the Union armies during the Civil War. After burning Tuscaloosa to the ground, the Northern troops skirted Greene County and marched onward into Mississippi.

Of fifty-three remaining antebellum structures, twenty-seven have already been admitted to the National Register of Historic Places. In addition, dozens more homes built during the Victorian era survive in Eutaw.

Provided below are details about some of the historic sites that you will find in Eutaw.