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This website contains information about nearly 600 historic and interesting sites in rural southwest Alabama. You can access the sites by browsing from the dropdown tabs on the Navigation bar. The Region Map on the Navigation shows all of the sites. You can also search using the search window located near the bottom of the Home Page. This website has no advertisements, so search and enjoy.

Magnolia Grove at Greensboro

Magnolia Grove, an example of a temple-style Greek Revival architecture, was built around 1840.

Parks and Campgrounds

There are few states that have the natural beauty of Alabama. Our parks and campgrounds offer one of the best opportunities to enjoy the beauty of Alabama. To learn more about…

Black Belt Treasures at Camden

Black Belt Treasures is a non-profit organization that showcases and promote the arts of the Black Belt region in a Camden, Alabama gallery.

Old Cahawba Park near Selma

Located in Dallas County where the Cahaba River flows into the Alabama River, the town initially known as Cahawba served as the state’s first capital from 1820 until 1825. When the capital was moved…

The Old Paul, Alabama Post Office

The U.S. Paul Post Office was founded in 1907 and opened in 1908. A petition was submitted to the U.S. Postal Service requesting…

Experience the Old South

Alabama is home to many beautifully preserved antebellum structures from its earliest years of statehood.

Kirkwood at Eutaw

Kirkwood is a historic antebellum plantation mansion located in Eutaw.

Old Depot Museum at Selma

The Old Depot Museum is located at the old L&N Railroad Depot at the end of historic Water Avenue in downtown Selma.

Burnt Corn, Alabama

Burnt Corn began as a trading post settlement at an intersection of Indian trails on the “Old Wolf Path” when this area was still Creek Indian territory.

Moundville Archaeological Park in Hale County

This park was once the site of a powerful prehistoric community that, at its peak, was America’s largest city north of Mexico…

Churches and Chapels

Alabama is blessed with an abundance of beautiful and historic country churches. Provided are…

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