Demopolis, Alabama (City of the People)

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Demopolis, Alabama is where the “City of the People” and two rivers meet. Demopolis is located on the white bluffs just below where the Tombigbee River and Black Warrior River come together. It was founded by a group of political exiles who had been banished from France following the defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte. This group reached the White Bluffs (the present site of Demopolis) on July 14, 1817 and established the “Vine and Olive Colony”. Their plan was to develop an agricultural settlement that grew wine grapes and olive trees. Their attempts failed and after a few years the settlements were practically abandoned by the French refugees. These French settlers are responsible for naming Demopolis. This is a Greek word that means the people’s city (demo: people and polis: city), thus the origin of the term “City of the People”.

Today, Demopolis is the largest city in Marengo County – population 7540 according to the 2000 census. Demopolis has something to offer everybody. It is located on beautiful Demopolis Lake which is the largest lake in the Black Warrior-Tombigbee system. The lake extends 48 miles upriver on the Black Warrior, 53 miles up the Tombigbee and covers 10,000 acres. There is a beautiful U. S. Army Corp of Engineers’ campground and a large, full service yacht marina located in Demopolis on the lake. The Demopolis area has many historic homes, churches and businesses. There are antebellum mansions available for touring that provide a snapshot of life in earlier times. Additionally, Demopolis’s historic downtown district has a beautiful one square block park that is one of the oldest parks in Alabama.

Below are details about some of the sites that you will find in Demopolis: