The Marengo Theater at Demopolis, AL (opened 1935)

| Demopolis in Marengo County  

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Demopolis has a long tradition of theaters.  The Braswell Theater opened in 1902.  Next was the Elks/Si-Non/Lido that operated from 1915 to 1935.  On September 14, 1935, the Marengo Theater in downtown Demopolis celebrated its grand opening as the exclusive showplace for movies.  A capacity crowd enjoyed the picture, Two for Tonight, but a phone call from Hollywood star, Jean Harlow, to Mayor N. C. Floyd proved to be the evening’s highlight.  Originally operated by the Atlanta Company, the Marengo was subsequently purchased in 1940 by Henry W. Webb, its first local owner.  The Marengo Theater is located at 219 East Washington Street in downtown Demopolis (GPS coordinates 32.517416, -87.835526).

Provided are pictures of the Marengo Theater.  Also included are pictures of the Demopolis Theater Historical District historical marker that has additional details about the history of the theaters at Demopolis.

Source: 1) Demopolis Theater Historical District historical marker (located at the corner of Strawberry Street and Washington Street

Photographs courtesy of RuralSWAlabama.

UPDATE: The Marengo Theater closed in 2013.

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