The Red Barn Restaurant at Demopolis, AL

| Demopolis in Marengo County  

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The Red Barn Restaurant is one of the oldest restaurants in the area and it serves some of the best food around. The restaurant opened in 1971 and the current owner has operated it since 1981.

The Red Barn Restaurant is located in a rustic old red barn.  Prior to being used as a restaurant, this old barn was used for several things including a John Deere office and a hay barn. The building was initially built in the late 1950s or early 1960s for a high school student who was paralyzed in a car accident on a narrow bridge on a nearby county road.  This young lad had seen antique barns out west and he felt that he could support himself by rolling around in his wheel chair and selling antiques.  So people in the community got together and built an antique barn for him.  They used whatever old materials that they could find.  The frame of the barn is constructed with large wood timbers taken from old lock #5 when it was removed from the Tombigbee River.  After completion of the barn, the high school lad used it for several years and did well for himself selling antiques and other things.

Over the years there have been several changes to the old barn – two sides have been expanded and the top has been replaced. This old barn has weathered some around the edges, however, it has survived many storms during the last six decades. The Red Barn has become a part of Demopolis’ tradition.  This old restaurant just might be your perfect choice for a place to eat if you like good food in a rustic setting.

The Red Barn Restaurant is located on Highway 80 at Demopolis (GPS coordinates 32.503616, -87.828214).

Source:  Details about the restaurant was provided by the Red Barn Restaurant owner, Roger Roberts

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