Site of Fort Madison near Gainestown, AL (a stockade used during the Creek War 1813-1814)

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Fort Madison was a wooden stockade fortification in the southern section of Clarke County in the vicinity of the present-day community of Gainestown, AL.  It was one of several forts built by early Clarke County pioneers for protection during the Creek War 1813-14.  This pioneer stockade was commanded by Captain Sam Dale and Evan Austill. Many expeditions during the Creek War were launched from this fort including the famed Canoe Fight on the Alabama River. Also, Choctaw chieftain Pushmataha often visited this fort.

All that remains at the Fort Madison site is the marker that is shown.  It is located on the east side of CR 35 approximately 10 miles south of the intersection of CR 35 and Highway 84 (GPS coordinates 31.522598, -87.718895).  This route to the marker includes approximately 6 miles of gravel road whose condition varies depending on the weather.

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