Fambro-Arthur House at Old Cahawba Park in Dallas County, AL (built ca. 1841)

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The Fambro-Arthur house gets its name from two of its owners. One was a judge, and the other was a former slave.

  • Judge W. W. Fambro built this house in the early 1840s. He may have constructed the house using two older structures.
  • D. EzeKiel Arthur was born into slavery. After Emancipation, he traveled different states to find his mother and sisters who had been “sold away”. They returned to Cahawba, and he purchased this house in 1894. The Arthur family lived in the house for 100 years.

The Old Cahawba Park is located at the site of Alabama’s first permanent state capital. Old Cahawba was once a thriving and wealthy river town but it now contains only remnants of the past. The Fambro-Arthur house is just one of the interesting features that you will find at the Old Cahawba Park. The park is about midway between Selma and Orrville on the Alabama River at the forks of the Alabama and Cahaba Rivers.

To get the most from a visit to Old Cahawba, start at the Park’s Welcome Center (GPS coordinates 32.319356, -87.104579). Exhibits are displayed that feature archaeological finds and photographs of the homes and businesses that once were located in Old Cahawba. You will be provided with instructions for the routes to take to explore the ruins of Old Cahawba. Be sure to carry your camera.

Sources: 1) “Who Lived Here?” Interpretative Marker (located in front of the house; 2) Explorer’s Guide to Old Cahawba published by preserveALA, Alabama Historical Commission

For additional details about the park including operating hours and contact information, go to preserveALA.org/OldCahawba.aspx.

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