TOWN OF MCINTOSH Historical Marker at McIntosh, AL

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This historical maker provides details about the history of the town of McIntosh, Alabama. The marker was erected in 2010 by the Alabama Tourism Department and the Town of McIntosh. It is located on Commerce Street in front of McIntosh’s Town Hall (GPS coordinates 31.267554, -88.031114).

Following is the inscription on this marker:



McIntosh has a community population of about 300. The town was incorporated on April 7, 1970, becoming the third incorporated town in Washington County. The following officials were elected to serve four year terms: Mayor Carrol Daugherty, R.A. Boykin, Arla Kern, Frank Everett, W.Z. Wells and Armond Daugherty. People of black, white and Indian ancestry live in the area of McIntosh. McIntosh is served by the Southern Railroad which runs from Mobile to Birmingham to connecting lines. Highway 43 runs through McIntosh, north-south. The Tombigbee River is on the eastern boundary of McIntosh. It is a navigable waterway and provides fishing for the local sportsmen. Telephone service came to McIntosh in the early 1950’s as a result of the construction of two large chemical plants constructed near the large salt dome, a natural resource.

The forest located around McIntosh, has always provided livelihood for McIntosh residents. Longleaf pine, shortleaf pine, hardwood, such as oak, hickory, beech, ash, cedar, cypress, poplar, walnut, gum and dogwood were found to be abundant in the area with trees used for making paper and furniture. At the time of this marker dedication in 2010, McIntosh had two schools located on separate campuses, McIntosh Elementary School on the north end of town and McIntosh High School on the south end of town; five industrial plants; and a Rescue and Fire Department. Also, as of 2010, the Mayor was Carrol Daugherty, the only person elected since the town’s incorporation. Serving with him as council members were Dean Daugherty, Joe Middleton, Randy Davidson, Julia Wells and Tony Daugherty.


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