Tommy Hart’s Indian Artifacts Museum at Carlton, AL

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Tommy Hart lives in Carlton, AL which is located in the remote southern end of Clarke County near the forks of the Tombigbee and Alabama Rivers.  He is an amateur river archeologist that has spent years searching the banks of the Tombigbee River for Indian artifacts.  Tommy has discovered 34 Indian sites along the river – one nearly a half mile long.  Some of these sites are located 4 – 5 feet below the earth’s surface and contain remains that are thousands of years old.  Tommy has worked with archeologists from the University of Alabama and the University of South Alabama to document these Indian sites.  Over the years, he has accumulated an impressive collection of Indian artifacts – arrowheads, spear points, hand axes, pottery, Indian jewelry, and numerous other types of stone implements.  His collection also includes fossils of animals that lived millions of years ago – sharks’ teeth, stingray barbs, and more.  Tommy has a small museum in front of his home that displays his collection.  Visitors to the museum include folks as far away as Singapore, Sweden and Bosnia.  The museum is open to the public.  All that you need to do is call to arrange a time for the visit (tel # 251-246-7666).

This museum is located in front of Tommy Hart’s home which is on the left side of CR 19 approximately 0.2 miles west of the intersection of CR 19 and CR 15 at Carlton  (GPS coordinates 31.344333,-87.849083).

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