Goree-Shivers House at Marion, AL (built ca. 1831, listed on the NRHP)

Historic Home | Marion in Perry County  

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This house was built by Edwin D. King as a wedding present for his daughter Sarah when she married John Goree in May 1831. At that time it had four rooms and a big hall downstairs and two rooms upstairs on the front. There were two staircases, one in the hall and a corner staircase in the left front room, or the main bedroom. The kitchen, a servant’s house, and a smokehouse were in the yard behind the house. As the Goree family grew and more room was needed, two rooms were added at the back on a lower level than the front. Later, this was the home of Dr. O. L. Shivers, Jr. family. Dr. and Mrs. Shivers had five children who were all young when the place was bought, and they grew up in this house. Dr. Shivers added the full-width porch with half hip roof to the front of the house. The original porch was probably entrance width. This house often served as a temporary home for sick patients of Dr. Shivers. They would stay here until they recovered enough to return to their own home.


This house is a contributing property to the “Judson College Historic District” that’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). It is located on Washington Street beside the Presbyterian Church near downtown Marion (GPS coordinates 32.630876,-87.318695).


This is a private residence – drive by only.


Sources: 1) NRHP “Judson College Historic Street” Registration Form; 2) Perry County Heritage, Volume II, prepared by The Book Committee and Friends of the Perry County Historical and Preservation Society.


Date Posted: 8/31/14

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