Coleman Bros. Store at Whatley, AL (built ca. 1890, listed on the NRHP)

| Whatley in Clarke County  

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This is one of only a few wood frame, free-standing gable front, commercial buildings that remain in Clarke County. It was built around 1890 by David “Dave” Daniel Coleman. He used the building as a general store until his death in 1921. His sons, L. L. and W. B. Coleman, continued to operate the store. L. L. ran the store until his death in January 1962, and his wife, Velma, continued for a year after that. Then her brother, Robert Lee Garrick, managed the store until his death in 1971. It has been closed since then.

This is a one-story, building with a front porch that features an asymmetrical facade. Since the store is constructed along the slope of the land, the slope of the building and roof are further accentuated. The slope of the gable on the east side is short and steep, while the western side of the gable has a longer, gently sloping roof line. In the porch area, at the west side of the roof, the gable drops down and the porch is supported by shorter columns. The gable has large gable returns and is supported by 5 wooden columns. The columns have decorative banding 3/4 of the way up each column. The four bay front porch area consists of two double leaf doors, both constructed with horizontal boards. A single window is located on each side of the double leaf door in the “tall” section of the porch. These windows are covered with horizontal boards.

This building is a contributing property to the Whatley Historic District that’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). It located in Whatley near the east end of Main Street beside the Whatley Post Office building (GPS coordinates 31.650637, -87.706118).

Source: NRHP “Whatley Historic District” Registration Form.

Photograph of David “Dave” Daniel Coleman provided by Dr. Ashley Coleman.

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