BASSETTS CREEK Historical Marker near Wagarville, AL

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This historical marker provides details about how Bassetts Creek got its name. The marker is located beside US Hwy 43 approximately 1.5 miles north of Wagarville, AL at the bridge where Bassetts Creek crosses US Hwy 43 (GPS coordinates 31.464596, -88.031799). This marker was erected in 1976 by the Alabama Historical Association.

Below is the text on the marker:



Named for Thomas Bassett, a British Loyalist and native of Virginia. Migrated to Tombigbee area from near Augusta, Ga. circa 1772 to escape persecution by American patriots. Received in 1776, from King George III, a grant of 750 acres on the west side of river Tombigbee, five miles east of this site, where he established his residence and plantation.

Bassett also received a Crown grant to lands at McIntosh Bluff. He was murdered by Indians circa 1780 on the east side of Tombigbee near the creek that bears his name. As a minor in Georgia, one of his guardians was General Lachlan McGillivray. Numerous Bassett descendants presently live in this area.


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