William B. Travis House at Perdue Hill, AL (built ca. 1820)

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This small 2-room cottage was built circa 1820 at Claiborne, AL. It was the home of William B. Travis while he resided at Claiborne and practiced law under the Hon. James Dellet. In 1831, Travis at the age of 22 left Claiborne for Texas where he practiced law and became involved in the Texas Revolution. Travis, along with Davey Crockett, Jim Bowie and about 180 others were killed in March 1836 while defending the Alamo from Mexican forces.

In 1985, the Travis house at old Claiborne was moved to nearly Perdue Hill, AL and restored by Ann and Palmer Bedsole. It is located beside Highway 84 at Perdue Hill (GPS Coordinates 31.517066, -87.497191).

The slider at the top provides pictures of this historic home.

Source: “William B. Travis House” Historical Marker

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