Boddie Law Office at Dayton, AL (built ca. 1858, listed on the ARLH)

Antebellum | Dayton in Marengo County  

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This small brick building, known as the “Boddie” Law Office, is one of the few remaining buildings in Dayton, AL.  It was built by Oliver B. Boddie and his brother, John E. Boddie around 1858.  These brothers were graduates of the Cumberland School of Law in Tennessee and both owned large plantations near Dayton.  This building was listed on the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage (ARLH) on September 9, 1977.  It now serves as the Dayton Town Hall and voting house.

This building is located on Highway 25 in Dayton beside the Methodist Church (GPS coordinates 32.349861,-87.641806).

Source:  The Heritage of Marengo County, Alabama, prepared by The Marengo County Heritage Book Committee.


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