Bored Well at Livingston, AL

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The Bored Well was started in 1854 and historians say an old blind mule pulled the auger around day after day until completion in 1857 of an artesian well.  In the beginning citizens were disappointed with the salty taste of the water, but soon claims were made that the saline, alkaline nature of the water had medicinal value.  The fame of Livingston and its mineral water as a health spa spread far and wide and visitors began flocking to town seeking a cure for their various ailments.  A hand pump was added in 1904, and in 1928 ,an electric pump was installed.  Originally a wooden Chinese pagoda stood over the well, but a new brick structure was constructed in 1924.  This building remained until 1999 when during the process of repairing the structure, it collapsed.  In 2005 the present pavilion was completed, and once again the Bored Well became one of Livingston’s most treasured landmarks!

The Bored Well is located on the Courthouse Square at downtown Livingston, AL (GPS coordinates 32.583208, -88.188501).

Source: “Livingston’s Bored Well” Historical Marker.

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