Cane Syrup Mill at Rikard’s Mill Historical Park near Beatrice, AL

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Shown is a cane syrup mill that’s at Rikard’s Mill Historical Park located near Beatrice, AL in Monroe County. This is a mule-drawn cane syrup mill that was produced in Selma, AL in the 1880s by Peacock Company of Ohio. Earnest Dyess of Camden, AL found it on his property years ago. He restored the old syrup mill and then donated it to the park in 1997.

Rikard’s Mill Historical Park is maintained and operated by the Monroe County Historical Museum at Monroeville, AL. During the Park’s annual Syrup-Makin’ Day event each November, visitors have the opportunity to observe cane syrup being made, as in the olden days, using this mule-driven cane mill. The syrup is normally ready a little after noon. Included below is a short video that shows scenes from the 2016 Syrup Making Day event that was November 5, 2016.

Rikard’s Mill Historical park is located on Flat Creek approximately four miles north of Beatrice, AL. Visit for additional details about this park.

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