Pleasant Hill Methodist Church near Thomasville, AL (completed 1891; listed on the ARLH)

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This church is located on a ridge in the hills of northeastern Clarke County. According to church records, the church congregation was organized in 1865. Those early worshipers originally met in a brush arbor called “Old Bushaby Church” at a site approximately 3 miles south of the present church. Soon afterward, in 1869, a more permanent structure was built to serve both as a church and school. The church and the community grew and on October 18, 1875, two acres of land on the site of the present building were deeded to the Trustees for “church and school purposes”. The current building was built and dedicated on November 8, 1891. It is a small wood structure with two doors on the front. The building has been altered little since it was constructed. The interior of the church still has unpainted wood ceiling, floors, and walls. The Pleasant Hill Methodist Church was added to the Alabama Register of Landmarks and Heritage (ARLH) on March 29, 2012. This church represents the typical circuit rider church of the early Alabama Methodist Conference.

The Pleasant Hill Methodist Church is located between Thomasville and Lower Peach Tree, AL on Pleasant Hill Road. (NOTE: Pleasant Hill Road is unpaved and its condition varies depending on the weather.)

Source: ARLH “Pleasant Hill Methodist Church” Nomination Form

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