Old Leroy, Alabama Post Office (established 1896)

| Leroy in Washington County  

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Prior to 1896, before the Post Office was established, the town of Leroy had been called New Canaan, Possum Corner and Dogwood Level. The town got its present name when the eldest son of Capt. Robert Leroy Bowling, Theodore Cheseborough (T. C.) Bowling, established a post office for the community and named it “Leroy” after his late father. He built a building beside his home which served as a country store for the community and it housed the Leroy, Alabama Post Office. The Post Office and store were officially established on Jan. 8th, 1896. The first postmaster was T.C. Bowling himself and he served in this capacity until his death in 1906. Additional Bowling family post-masters & -mistresses of the Post Office include: Virginia Williams Bowling (1906-1924), Lena Gordy-Glover (1924-1929), Richmond Greer Pearson (1929-1934), Selma Bowling Pearson (1934-1949), Laura McKee Pearson (1950-1980). Descendants of T.C. Bowling continue to preserve this historical landmark.

The old Leroy, Alabama Post Office building and the home of T.C. Bowling are two of the oldest original structures in Leroy. They are located beside CR 34 toward St. St. Stephens approximately 0.9 miles from the intersection of CR 34 and US Hwy 43 (GPS coordinates 31.504590, -87.986057).

Source: Dr. Ashley Coleman (Director of the Clarke County Historical Society and descendent of Capt. Robert Leroy Bowling).

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