MONROE COUNTY Historical Marker located on the Courthouse Square at Monroeville, AL

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This historical marker is located at downtown Monroeville on the east side of the Courthouse Square (GPS coordinates 31.527497,-87.324094). Following is the text on the marker:

A County Older Than The State
Monroe County
Side 1:
Created in 1815 by proclamation of Governor of Mississippi Territory from lands ceded by Creek Indians in Treaty of Ft. Jackson, 1814.

Named for President James Monroe, fifth President of U.S., 1817-25, who purchased Florida from Spain, proclaimed the “Monroe Doctrine.”

First county seat at Ft. Claiborne, 1815-32.
Gen. F. L. Claiborne built fort in 1813 as base of operations against Creek Indians.

In 1832 County seat moved to Monroeville, earlier called Walker’s Mill for first white settler.

Side 2:
Throughout colonial times this area was claimed as part of

Florida — By Spain 1519-1700
Louisiana — by France 1700-1763
West Florida — By England 1763-1780
West Florida — By Spain 1780-1795

Spain ceded area to U.S. in 1795; in turn it was then part of
Mississippi Territory 1798-1817
Alabama Territory 1817-1819
State of Alabama Since 1819

Erected 1958 by Alabama Historical Association.


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