White-Morrisette House at Newbern, AL (completed 1890, currently the headquarters of Auburn Rural Studio)

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This beautiful two-story Victorian-style home was completed in 1890 by Robert Allen White, a prominent merchant and banker in Newbern. It has Victorian gables on the front and a long porch running the full length of the house. Along the edge of the porch is a total of nine small columns – five of them grouped decoratively near the double-door entrance. Inside, there is the familiar wide central hall, with a stairway to the second floor. The only major change in the original structure of this house is movement of the kitchen into the rear of the house. The kitchen was originally located separate from the house which was the common practice during this time period because of the potential for a fire in the kitchen.

This house is located beside Highway 61 at Newbern, AL (GPS coordinates 32.589703,-87.533442). It currently serves as the headquarters for Auburn University’s Rural Studio.

Source: Historic Hale County published by The Greensboro Watchman



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