W. S. Moore Store at Perdue Hill, AL (built ca. 1875)

| Perdue Hill in Monroe County  

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This building is located on its original site at Perdue Hill and was built around 1875 as a doctor’s office.  Dr. J. L. Sowell  was the last doctor known to have his office in this building.  The building was enlarged in 1927-1928 for use as a store by William S. Moore, a prominent businessman of Perdue Hill.  The building was donated to the Perdue Hill/Claiborne Historic Preservation Foundation in 1987 by Mrs. T. Wills Moore of Monroeville, AL.  This building is a good example of nineteenth century commercial architecture in rural Alabama and particularly the general country store which was for years a common site throughout the South.

This building is located beside Highway 84 at the intersection of Highway 84 and County Road 1 at Perdue Hill (GPS coordinates 31.516833,-87.496389).

Source:  The Perdue Hill/Claiborne Historic Preservation Foundation, Inc.


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