Hale County Library at Greensboro, AL (ca. 1870s, formerly Governor Thomas Seay’s Law Office)

| Greensboro in Hale County  

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This building is located on Main Street at downtown Greenboro near the courthouse. It dates back to the 1870s and served in the late 1800s as a law office for former Alabama governor, Thomas Seay. Alfred M. Tunstall who represented Hale County in the legislature for many years and served as Speaker of the House during the Bibb Graves administration, also used the building as a law office. In 1925, the Tunstall family donated this building for use as a library. The central portion of the building retains the original layout of the offices, original doors, and “wavy” glass windows. Additions to the building maintain the original style with additional original windows and a handcrafted door matching the main doors.

This building is located at 1105 Main Street in Greensboro (GPS coordinates 32.704044, -87.593118).

Source: USGulfCoastStatesGeotourism.com (contributor: Carolyn Hemstreet, Director of the Hale County Library)

Photographs courtesy of RuralSWAlabama.

Note: This building is featured site #10, Hale County Library, on the Greensboro Historic Walking Tour. The Walking Tour brochure contains six routes that include 74 historic Greensboro sites. Brochures are available at a tourism kiosk that’s located on the southeast corner of Main and Beacon Streets at downtown Greensboro.

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