Bethel Presbyterian Church at Sumterville, AL (built ca. 1835, relocated 1897)

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The Bethel Presbyterian Church was established on September 22, 1835, about 3 miles toward the northwest near Emelle where the Bethel Memorial Chapel now stands. It was moved to its present location in 1897. There are extensive church records on the Presbyterian Church dating back to the early 1830s. Prominent among the early congregation members were the Ramseys, the Pattons, the Flemings, the Kerrs, and the Dials.

This church is located on Ozment-Bell Road just off of County Highway 20 in the community of Sumterville, AL in Sumter County (GPS coordinates 32.710852, -88.238951)

Sources: 1); 2) Sumter County, Alabama Historical Points of Interest, prepared by the Sumter County Historical Society.

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