United Methodist Church at Brewersville, AL (built ca. 1850, recorded in HABS)

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This church congregation was organized in 1833 and the current church building was built circa 1850. The interior of the original structure has been little altered since its construction. Overhead on the sides and back is a slave gallery that’s supported by massive posts. The church still has its original pews, paneled pulpit, and altar rail. The pews have a center divider that separated the women and men. An addition was added to the rear of the church in 1957.

This church building was photographed and recorded in the Historic American Buildings Survey (HABS) in 1935. It is located beside Highway 28 in the community of Brewersville in Sumter County (GPS coordinates 32.517405, -88.091270).

B&W photographs courtesy of the U. S. Library of Congress (HABS), photographer: Alex Bush, date: October 19, 1935.

Sources: 1) TourSumterCounty.com; 2) The Alabama Catalog, A Guide to the Early Architecture of the State, by Robert Gamble.

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