Drake Northrup House at Greensboro, AL (ca. 1850)

Antebellum | Greensboro in Hale County  

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Dr. Gaston Drake, a planter and local physician, purchased this property in 1849 and had a house built on it.  The house was destroyed by fire before the Drake family could move into it.  There was speculation that arson was probably the cause for the fire, the consequences of a disagreement with the contractor.  The house was immediately rebuilt. This home is known as “Woodlawn”, the name given by its first owner.  It is also often referred to as the “house that came back from the ashes”.

Woodlawn is a blending of classical and romantic elements. The steeply pitched roof line is of the Gothic Revival style while the portico and short, heavy octagonal masonry columns are more Greek Revival style. The double doors are unusually wide and have attractive glass on either side. The screen doors, added around 1906, are made of walnut. An unusual feature of the interior is the unique dentil molding above each door, window, and on each mantle.  This home is very much as it has been for over 150 years, though the separate kitchen behind the house was torn down and a new one added to the house, the wine cellar was filled in and the main stairway in the front hall was modified.

This home is located at 603 Main Street in Greensboro, AL (GPS coordinates N32.702811,W87.588608).

This is a private residence – drive by only.

Sources:  1) Historic Hale County published by The Greensboro Watchman; 2) Ms. Adelaide Cherry, Greensboro, AL (owner of Woodlawn)


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