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Dunn-Fairley-Bonner-Field House at Camden, AL (built c. 1825)

This is the oldest documented structure in Camden. It was built for Thomas Dunn who was one of the earliest settlers of this area. He donated the land where Camden was built. This house was originally a two-story log house constructed c. 1825. The two-story frame addition was added to the house in the 1835-1840 time period. It was modified again in the 1890’s to its current structure with the addition of a full-façade portico and extended eaves. The home, owned by the W.J. Bonner family for many years, was donated to the Wilcox Historical Society in June 2001. The Historical Society began restoring the house and then sold it to Blake and Bettie Field, who completed the restoration in 2006.

This home is located on Broad Street near downtown Camden, AL (GPS coordinates N31.993816,W87.290567).

Source: Wilcox County Historical Society


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