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Marion, AL – Perry Lakes Park (contains several Rural Studio designs)

Boardwalk at the park (a Rural Studio project).

In recent years, Bald Eagles have nested in a giant loblolly pine near the entrance to this 600-acre park. The park contains four oxbow lakes, formed when the Cahaba River changed its course about 150 years ago. Foot trails traverse the park’s mature hardwood forests and swampy lowlands. The park contains several unique features that […]

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Jim Folsom Bridge at Coffeeville, AL

Coffeeville - Jim Folsom Bridge_1 (42)ee-256s

This is a steel through arch style bridge that’s over the Tombigbee River on US 84 in Coffeeville, AL. The bridge was completed in 1958 and is named for former Alabama Gov. Jim Folsom Sr. Date Posted: 4/17/10  

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Bull Slough Bridge near Brooklyn, AL (built 1924)

View of the beautiful Sepulga River from the Bull Slough Bridge.

Bull Slough Bridge lies across the beautiful Sepulga River in the southeast corner of Conecuh County.  This bridge, built in 1924, is 252-feet long and has a pony truss design.  This site is on the Sepulga River Canoe Trail. At one end of the bridge is a sign that contains a detailed map of the canoe […]

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Alamuchee-Bellamy Covered Bridge at UWA Campus in Livingston, AL (built 1861)

Livingston - UWA's Covered Bridge_2 (61)-1170

The Alamuchee-Bellamy Covered Bridge, built in 1861, is one of the oldest covered bridges still existing in Alabama. It was originally constructed over the Sucarnoochee River by Confederate Army Captain William Alexander Campbell Jones on the main state road leading from Livingston to York, now U.S. Route 11. It was built using hand-hewn yellow pine […]

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Millers Ferry Campground at Millers Ferry, AL

Millers Ferry Campground (Wilcox County, AL) - original-1387

Millers Ferry Campground, also known as East Bank, is a beautiful park that is maintained by the US Army Corp of Engineers.  It is located on the William Dannelly Reservoir at Millers Ferry, AL. The reservoir sits on the Alabama River and covers roughly 27 square miles, boasting more than 500 miles of shoreline. Boating, […]

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Kenan’s Mill near Selma, AL

The old Kenan grist mill - Built in the 1860s. The mill still has its original 48-inch millstones which are among the largest that were made.

Kenan’s Mill is a living-history museum. The main feature is Kenan’s grist mill which was built in the 1860’s and continuously owned and operated by the Kenan family for over 100 years. Also located at the mill site is a mill house and early 20th century beehive brick kiln. In 1997, the property was donated […]

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White Cliffs of Epes, AL

White Cliffs of Epes, AL - original-1950s

These white cliffs are located on the Tombigbee River at Epes AL.  They are part of the Selma Chalk formations which were deposited at about the same time as England’s famous white cliffs of Dover.  The cliffs at Epes are stunning in their own way as illustrated by the pictures that are provided.  These pictures were […]

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Edmund Pettus Bridge at Selma, AL

Selma - Edmund Pettus Bridge_4 (13)sc-z800(wText)lc

The Edmund Pettus Bridge spans over the Alabama River at downtown Selma, AL. It is a steel through-arch bridge that was designed by Henson K. Stephenson and erected in 1939. The bridge was named for Edmund Winston Pettus, a former Confederate Brigadier General and U. S. Senator from Alabama. The Edmund Pettus Bridge was the […]

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Old Naheola Bridge at Pennington, AL

Naheola - Old Bridge_ (4)_csb-z800

Until its closure to automobile traffic in 2000, the Naheola Bridge was one of only two bridges in the world that accommodated rail and auto traffic on the same traveling surface. Traffic lights were mounted at each end of the bridge to signal the auto traffic to stop or proceed. The lights were controlled by […]

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Rikard’s Mill Historical Park near Beatrice, AL

Rikard's water-powered grist mill.

Rikard’s Mill Historical Park is owned and operated by the Monroe County Heritage Museums (MCHM). The park is located on Flat Creek near Beatrice, AL in Monroe County. The main feature of the park is Rikard’s Mill which is a water-powered grist mill. Jacob “Jake” Rikard (1806-1880) built his first grist mill at this location […]

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