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Camden - Harris Home (Liberty Hall)_2 (2)slylb2

Harris Home, “Liberty Hall”, near Camden, AL (1855)

“Liberty Hall” is a historic plantation  house near Camden, Alabama. The two-story Greek Revival style main house was built in 1855 for John Robert McDowell by W.W. Robinson.  The two-story front portico features two central Ionic  columns flanked by a square column to each side, reminiscent of a distyle-in-antis arrangement. The floor plan is centered […]

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Camden, AL - Gates-Field Home (Sears-Roebuck kit house) - original-176s

Gates-Field Home (Sears-Roebuck house) at Camden, AL

This is one of several “Sears-Roebuck” homes that were shipped by railroad to Wilcox County in the early 1900’s. They came as modular sections and local carpenters constructed them from the “kit”. This home is located on Broad Street near the Camden Baptist Church cemetery in Camden, AL.  (GPS Coordinates N31.994417,W87.292500). This is a private residence […]

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Camden - Beck Creswell Home_b2_lcysccb-1bc-z-139

Beck-Creswell Home at Camden, AL (c. 1850-1860)

This house, commonly referred to as “The Beck Place”, is a two-story frame building constructed circa 1850-60 in a vernacular interpretation of the Greek Revival style.  The house was a T-shaped structure that contained six rooms, two halls and two single porticoes.  The kitchen was separate from the house.  When built, this was one of […]

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Canton Bend - Matthews Tait Rutherford Home (Youpon Planation)_2 (8)fyssb-z800

Matthews-Tait-Rutherford Home, “Youpon Plantation”, near Canton Bend, AL (1840-1845)

This historic antebellum home is one of the finest examples of neoclassical architecture in Alabama. It is located on CR 19 near Canton Bend a few miles west of Camden, and was built by a northerner, William T. Mathews who came to Camden by way of Haiti. Construction began in 1840 using a design by […]

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Purdue Hill, AL - Purifoy Lipscomb House - original-1694

Purifoy-Lipscomb House at Furman, AL (built ca. 1840, listed on the NRHP.)

This home was built around 1840 by the Purifoy family, one of the earliest to settle Wilcox County. Its style is similar to several in the Furman area, and is almost identical to that of “Fox Hill”. It was probably built by Edmond Hobdy, and remained in the Purifoy family until the Hollemans purchased it […]

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Camden, AL - Wilcox Female Institute - original-193

Wilcox Female Institute Building at Camden, AL (1849)

The Wilcox Female Institute is a historic Greek Revival-style school building in Camden, AL. The brick structure features twin Doric columns, a second floor balcony, and a two-tiered cupola and pilastered belfry. This building was built between 1845 and 1850 and chartered as an academy for women in 1850. During the antebellum and postbellum periods, […]

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Oak Hill - Bethel Presbyterian Church_2 (11)-1526

Bethel Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church at Oak Hill, AL (built 1895, listed on NRHP)

The Bethel Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church was established as the old Lebanon ARP Church near Hamburg in the early 1820s.  In 1856, a yellow fever epidemic struck the Hamburg community where most members of Lebanon lived. They moved to Oak Hill to get away from the lowlands. Because of the distance from Oak Hill to […]

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The Gee’s Bend Quilt Mural Trail

Gee’s Bend is a small rural community located in a curve in the Alabama River in the northern part of Wilcox County, AL.  Founded in the early 1800s, it was the site of cotton plantations.  After the Civil War, the freed slaves became tenant farmers and founded an all-black community that was nearly isolated from […]

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Camden - Black Belt Treasures_13lscb-z800

Black Belt Treasures at Camden, AL

Black Belt Treasures is a non-profit organization developed to showcase and promote the arts of the Black Belt region. Since opening its gallery in Camden, AL in 2005, Black Belt Treasures had grown from representing 75 artists to over 350 artists. Black Belt Treasures features the works of a wide range of artists – painters, […]

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Pine Apple - Purifoy Norred Home_1 (14)b2b-c-1605

Purifoy-Melton-Norred Home at Pine Apple, AL (ca. 1840)

This house was originally built for William Madison Purifoy near Furman, AL circa 1840.  Thomas P. Melton of Pine Apple purchased the house in l937.  He hired noted contractor Tom McKee to dismantle the Purifoy house and reassemble it at its present location. Each piece of lumber was marked so that the house could be […]

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Pine Apple, AL - Pugh's Log Cabin - original - 4648540058-1621s

Pugh’s Log Cabin near Pine Apple, AL

Recently restored authentic log cabin located in the community of Awin.  Not much is known about the early history of this cabin.  To get to this cabin, travel State Hwy 10 west approximately 3.5 miles from Moore Academy in Pine Apple, AL and turn left on CR 61.  Travel about 0.1 mile and the cabin is […]

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Furman, AL - Wakefield Plantation Home - original - 4877585630-729

Wakefield Plantation Home at Furman, AL (built in 1840s)

This beautiful antebellum home, located in the Furman community,  was built in a one-of-a-kind Steamboat Gothic style. The nearly 6,000 sq. ft. of living area consists of 12 rooms and 12 fireplaces, and unique porches on all sides. It was named “Wakefield” by the Gulley family which owned the home from its construction in the […]

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