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Weaver House, “The Castle”, at Selma, AL (built ca. 1868, listed on the NRHP)

This house, Gothic in design, is said to be a copy of a castle on the Rhine. William Weaver, a prominent landowner and son of one of Selma’s founders, built it in 1868. Located in what was once known as Weaver’s Grove, the home’s sand bricks were made on-site in a kiln built just for that purpose.  The interior woodwork and parquet flooring are from pine, walnut and oak trees cut from the grove. The house remained in the Weaver family until 1934.

This house is a contributing property to the Seelma’s “Old Town Historic District” that’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP). It s located at 615 Lauderdale Street in Selma (GPS coordinates 32.413806,-87.024889).

Also, there have been reports that this house has resident ghosts. For details, play the YouTube video at

Sources:  1) Selma’s Architecture History Tour (A Self-Guided Driving Tour); 2) NRHP “Old Town Historic District” Registration Form.

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