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Isaac Creek Park & Campground (located in west Monroe County on the Alabama River)

This beautiful park is maintained by the US Army Corp of Engineers.  It has the setting to accommodate most types of outdoor activities – camping, picnicking, bird watching, bike riding, walking, fishing…  The park features an array of campsites, group picnic shelters, boat ramps, courtesy docks, playgrounds, foot trails and even a softball field.  It is a featured Piney Woods birding site on the Alabama Birding Trails. Pictures that are included provide a flavor of what this park has to offer.  (Campground Phone: 251-282-4254).

The Isaac Creek Park and Campground is located in west Monroe County on the Alabama River at the Claiborne Lock and Dam.  GPS coordinates of the entrance to the campground are N31.621694,W87.549889.

Source:  Isaac Creek Campground Brochure



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