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Burnt Corn, AL (old settlement on the historic Federal Road)

Burnt Corn is located between Monroeville, AL and Evergreen, AL on the historic Old Federal Road. Burnt Corn began as a trading post settlement at an intersection of Indian trails on the “Old Wolf Path” when this area was still Creek Indian territory. In 1798, the United States formed the Mississippi Territory which included a large portion of present day Alabama and Mississippi. When the United States purchased the Louisiana Territory from France in 1803, an access route was needed to this new territory. In 1805, the U.S. Government got the Creek Nation to give permission for a “horse path” through the Creek Nation. This “horse path” included the “Old Wolf Trail” which ran through Burnt Corn. The “horse path” became the Old Federal Road which served as a major thoroughfare for western migration of settlers. Burnt Corn is one of the oldest settlements in this area of Alabama. U.S. postal service to Burnt Corn began in 1817 when the Alabama Territory was established. A school, the “Students’ Retreat,” was organized in 1820, followed by a Baptist church in 1821. Burnt Corn was a thriving community in the early twentieth century. Today, many of the buildings in Burnt Corn are still intact. Provided are pictures of Burnt Corn. Captions on the pictures provide additional details.

Note: The Battle of Burnt Corn, which began the Creek War in July 1813, did not occur at Burnt Corn, but at a ford of Burnt Corn Creek located approximately 20 miles to the south, in present-day Escambia County, AL.


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