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Akron Boys & Girls Club Complex at Akron, AL (a Rural Studio Project)

Most of Akron’s adults commute to Tuscaloosa or Greensboro for work which leaves the children to entertain and look after themselves for an extended period of time every day. Auburn University’s Rural Studio volunteered to design and build a Boys and Girls Club Complex with the hopes that it would provide a safe, educational alternative for Akron’s children. Four Rural Studio students designed and built the Akron Boys and Girls Club building.  It was completed in September 2008.  This structure has a large cylindrical roof, called a span lamella, that covers a basketball court.  This connects to a 2,500 square-foot recreation complex.

The Akron Boys and Girls Club Complex is located on 1st Avenue South on the north side of Akron (GPS coordinates N32.87766,W87.74164).


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